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The Demensions - Biography

The Demensions

The Demensions are a legendary oldies group recognized and respected as one of the finest performing acts whose roots originate from the “sensational sixties”.

With help and guidance from Lenny’s father, Lou Dell (a professional trumpet player), the group auditioned for Mohawk Records owner, Irv Spice. Irv was so impressed with their beautiful arrangement of "Over the Rainbow" that he immediately set a date to record.

However, just before the group was scheduled to record, Charlie Peterson dropped out in order to pursue his college education. Lenny talked with his father who told him to call "Uncle Phil". Lenny wasn’t sure it would work because Phil was twice his age but Phil Del Giudice was happy to join The Demensions.

In 1960 the cover of Harold Arlen and E.Y. "Yip" Harburg’s "Over the Rainbow" was released and skyrocketed to a #1 hit, selling 2 ½ million copies worldwide. Then in 1962 The Demensions released "My Foolish Heart" on Coral Records which established a respectable place within the "Top 100’s".

The personal appearances of The Demensions throughout the years have included guest spots on "American Bandstand", "The Clay Cole Show", "Palisades Park", "WINS Radio", (with "Cousin Brucie", who was the first to play their # 1 hit "Over the Rainbow", and "WMCA Radio (The "Good Guys"). The song achieved #1 status nationally, as well as #1 internationally in Hawaii and Italy!

Currently, the dynamic sound of The Demensions remains a cornerstone for this musical genre, with modern day appearances at Westbury Music Fair, PNC Bank Art Center, Lead East, and Mohegan Sun where standing ovations by loyal fans attest to the timeless magnetism and appreciation The Demensions command.

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